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"City of a thousand golden domes" - this is the second name of Kyiv, the golden capital of Ukraine. Both names are well known far from Ukraine and every year a lot of tourists from over the world come in Ukraine discovering Kyiv for them-selves.
The first thing the visitors can see arriving in Kyiv it is a city view from aircraft then Kyiv’s skyline (one of the most exotic) and every one undestand that no wonder the city is often referred to as the “city of a thousand golden domes or golden capital”. Ukraine’s capital is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe with its wonderful combination of the beauty of nature and architectural and historic novelties. Kyiv is the birthplace of Eastern Slavic civilisation - Kyiv Rus. Three brotherly people from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus have Kyiv Rus origine. The Kyiv Prince Volodymyr The Great accepted Christianity and baptize Kyiv Rus in 988 and its capital Kyiv became a home to a dazzling number of churches and cathedrals. The biggest part of believers in Eastern Europe are Orthodox Christians.


The most visitied Curches and Cathedrals in Kyiv:
1. Saint Sophia Cathedral - it’s the UNESCO memorial, architectural, art, sculpture and jewelry masterpiece of XI century;
2. Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra, a Unesco-listed 11th-century monastery, with its network of Byzantine-inspired churches and cathedrals, cave labyrinths;
3. Vydubychi Monastery;
4. Saint Pokrova Church with the mosaic of the brush of M. Roerich;
5. Saint Andrew Church;
6. Saint Michael Cathedral;
7. Saint Cyryl Church with the fresco of the brush of M. Vrubel;
8. Saint Volodymyr Cathedral with the painting of the brush of V. Vasnetsov, M. Nesterov, V. Kotarbinsky, P. Svedomsky, M. Vrubel;
9. Saint Nicolas Cathedral (Kostel).


TOP 15 Kyiv attractions:
1. Khreshchatyk Street;
2. Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square);
3. Rodina Mat (Motherland);
4. Great Patriotic War Museum;
5. Mykola Syadristy Microminiatures Museum;
6. Andriyivski Uzviz and Podil;
7. National Opera House of Ukraine;
8. The House with Chimeras;
9. Landscape Alley;
10. Golden Gate;
11. Hedgehog Monument;
12. Mariinsky Park and Palace;
13. Babyn Yar Memorial;
14. People's Friendship Arch;
15. Volodymyr Hill Park.


The most popular cultural places:
1. The National Museum of the History of Ukraine;
2. Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko National Museum of Arts;
3. National Art Museum of Ukraine;
4. Mystetskyi Arsenal;
5. Pirogovo Open-Air Museum;
6. The National Philharmonic of Ukraine;
7. PinchukArtCentre;
8. Chernobyl National Museum;
9. M. Bulgakow Museum;
10. National Opera and Ballet House.

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