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Welcome to a proud, majestic, refined, romantic and legendary city of Lviv.
A cultural capital of Ukraine unites modern trends of literary, artistic, theatrical and musical art. Lviv is a Ukrainian capital of festivals, tens of interesting museums and galleries, hundreds of old churches, variety of theatres and concert halls that will surprise you with their creative performances.
It is a city of magnificent architectural landmarks: Castles, Palaces, ancient squares, Mosques, Synagogues, Armenian temples, Orthodox, Catholic and Greek-Catholic churches are harmonically situated in ancient city blocks and present artistic masterpieces of different historical epochs. St.George’s Cathedral will show you famous sculptures of “Ukrainian Michelangelo” - Iohann Pezel.
The heart of Lviv will leave nobody indifferent - since 1998 Lviv has been under UNESCO protection: 95 monuments of architecture and the old center are entered the world heritage list.
Lviv and Lviv region are an extremely attractive tourist area of Ukraine; Lviv ranks third in TOP-10 European cities for weekend spent.
Do not forget to drop in coffee houses and chocolate shops and taste their charming and intoxicating drinks.

TOP 10 Lviv Attractions:
1. RYNOK SQUARE is the heart of Lviv;
2. LVIV OPERA HOUSE is one of the most beautiful theatres in Europe and amazing architectural gem of Lviv, built in the Neo-Renaissance style in 1901;
3. VIRMENSKA STREET has the original spirit of Armenian Easter Christian culture in its unique architecture;
4. THE PALACE OF COUNTS POTOCKIS is a majestic example in French Neorenaissance style;
5. THE CHAPEL OF THE BOIM FAMILY has no analogues, neither in Ukraine nor in the rest of Europe;
6. THE DOMINICAN CHURCH is a magnificent monument of the late Baroque, now it is the Greek Catholic Church of the Holy Eucharist;
7. THE BERNARDINE MONASTERY is a fortified medieval monastery built in Renaissance, Baroque and Mannerism styles;
8. ITALIAN COURTYARD ia a valuable Renaissance monument dating to 1580;
9. THE HIGH CASTLE PARK today is an old park, ruins of a castle and great view platform;
10. LYCHAKIV CEMETERY presents a historic and cultural museum and heritage preserve.

Ukrainian Lviv: St. Onuphrius Church and Monastery, Cathedral of St. George, Church of St. Nicholas, St. Paraskeva Pyatnytsya Church, Holy Trinity Church in Sykhiv, Ensemble of Ruska Street, Assumption Church.

Austrian Lviv: Shevchenka avenue, Opera House, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Lviv Polytechnic University, George Hotel, Architectural gems of Austrian Lviv, Passage Andreolli.

Latin Quarter: Latin Cathedral, Dominican Church, Chapel of the Boim Family, Church of the Order of the Jesuits, Church of St. Anthony, Church of the Discalced Carmelites, Black Stone House.

Armenian Quarter: Armenian Cathedral, Virmenska str., Palace of Armenian Archbishops, Residential Houses in Virmenska Street (16th-19th centuries).

Jewish Quarter


TOP 10 Lviv Excursions:
1. "Lviv is a pearl of Europe";
2. "Medieval Lviv";
3. "Austrian Lviv";
4. "Lychakiv Cemetry";
5. "Underground Lviv";
6. "Lviv Opera";
7. "City with coffee fragrance";
8. "Beer in Lviv";
9. "Lviv in night";
10. "7 wonders of Lviv".


The most popular Lviv Region Tours:
1. "Golden Ring of Lviv" - trip to the three castles: Olesko, Podgoretsky and Zolochevsky;
2. Lviv - Pochaivska Lavra - source of St. Anna - Lviv;
3. Lviv - Carpathians - Lviv;
4. Jewish Heritage in Lviv;
5. German Heritage in Lviv.

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