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Odesa is a unique and very picturesque city. The Odessites (the inhabitants of this region) consider Odessa to be the best place of the world. They adore it very much and that’s why they will show their city with a pride, hospitality and admiration. And of course they like telling the amusing stories because Odessa is the world capital of humour. And don’t forget that Odessites really have a great sense of humor and are the authors of all the majority of anecdotes!
Probably, only in Odesa region, you will be proposed to have a «unique excursion among unique objects of the unique place»!
You will walk up the a well-known Potemkin stairs - the biggest one in Ukraine, visit one of the most beautiful and famous in the world Opera and Ballet Theatre, and walk along the unique streets of the city where each house has own architectural plan. You will go shopping in one of the largest markets in Europe and go down the most well-known and unpredictable catacombs in the world...
But there is much more to come: medieval castles and ruins of antique settlement: the local ancient Greek policies - the antique towns of Tire and Nikoniya (Tire and the Akerman fortress), the legendary Snake island, wonder-working Christian temples and of course the tender sea, the local Las Vegas ("Arcadia" resort area), the biggest in Ukraine fresh-water lake Yalpug, a medical dirt in a number of health-improving resorts like Kuialnik, Zatoka and so on, river the Danube with its famous "zero kilometre» in a place where it runs into the Black sea... A city with canals instead of roads (the local Venice in the town of Vilkovo (the Danubian biosphere reserve)) and amazing nature.
Impressive, isn’t it?

Top 20 places to visit in Odessa:
1. Odessa State Academical Opera and Ballet Theater;
2. City Garden;
3. Deribasovskaya Street;
4. Potemkin Steps;
5. Duke de Richelieu monument;
6. Catacombs of Odessa;
7. Bul Prymorsky;
8. Shevchenko Park has a few interesting monuments, a soccer stadium and an Oceanarium;
9. Jewish Museum of Odessa;
10. The Odessa Port;
11. Philharmonic Society;
12. Arcadia resort area;
13. Panteleymonivsky Church;
14. Odessa Fine Arts Museum;
15. Museum of Western and Eastern Art;
16. Vul Gogolya;
17. Vorontsov Palace;
18. Preobrazhensky Cathedral;
19. Passage;
20. Teatralna Square.


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