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Carpathian Mountains are unique Green Treasure of Ukraine. Carpathian Mountains are located in Western Ukraine and situated on the territory of four Ukrainian regions: Zakarpattya, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions. The highest peak of this part of Carpathians is Hoverla. Its height is 2061 m. The rivers Dnister and Prut start to flow from the Carpathian Mountains. There is no glaciers, but snow is staying very long time. The Carpathians are one of Ukraine’s richest areas in terms of natural resources. Here you can find more than half of all animals of the country. Brown bear, wild boar, roe deer, noble and spotted deer, squirrel, marten, hare, wild cat, lynx are found shelter here. Only in the Carpathians live such endemic species as: carpathian squirrel carpathian newt, and snow vole. The bisons are brought from the Bialowieza Forest.
The plenty of curative mineral and thermal sources are also situated here.
The Carpathian mountains are original and picturesque mix of mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, alpine meadows, historical and cultural heritage, shrines, towns and villages, everyday reality of ‘Hutsulshchyna’ and people living in harmony with nature. Thousands of tourists and other people from all over the world who like travel, activity, adventure, virgin nature and wonderful views come to this region. The Hutsul Alps are one of Ukraine’s premier natural beauties. For foreign visitors the local Hutsul culture helps distinguish this section of the Carpathian Mountains from those in neighbouring countries.
Carpathian Mountains are very beautiful in every season of the year and have a lot to offer for everyone:
- Great recreational and healthy area;
- Spa;
- Eco and Rural objects;
- Ethno and Gastronomic experience;
- Cycling;
- Riding;
- Swimming;
- Mountain climbing;
- Exploring;
- Walking;
- Hiking;
- Snowboarding;
- Skiing;
- Tobogganing;
- Rafting;
- Trekking;
- Extreme-sport;

The most popular and world known places are the Valley of Narcissi, the lake Synevir, Bukovel, Yaremche, Truskovets, Solotvyno...
With us you can visit the popular places and enjoy the little-known places but no less exciting!

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