30.06.2021 - 28.07.2021 Kiev
Flowering Lavender fields 30 June - 28 July 2021

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01.04.2018 - 30.04.2018 Transcarpathia region of Ukraine
Flowering crocus fields in West of Ukraine 1-30, April 2018

In April the Geyfel Saffron is flowering in Transcarpathia region of Ukraine. Its scientific name "Crocus" is associated with Greek mythology. The Greeks considered the plant as a symbol of happiness, the flower of Aurora, the mythical goddess of the morning sun.
The period of the blossom starts at the end of March lasts all April. It is a rather rare and very beautiful natural phenomenon and a lot of tourists come there to admire it!
The fragrance of flowering crocus is great!

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01.01.2018 - 31.12.2018 Kyiv
Visiting Kiev - the Golden Capital of Ukraine

"City of a thousand golden domes" - this is the second name of Kyiv, the golden capital of Ukraine. Both names are well known far from Ukraine and every year a lot of tourists from over the world come in Ukraine discovering Kyiv for them-selves.
The first thing the visitors can see arriving in Kyiv it is a city view from aircraft then Kyiv’s skyline (one of the most exotic) and every one undestand that no wonder the city is often referred to as the “city of a thousand golden domes or golden capital”. Ukraine’s capital is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe with its wonderful combination of the beauty of nature and architectural and historic novelties.

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18.11.2017 - 19.11.2017 Uzhgorod
Transcarpathian Beaujolais Festival 18-19, November 2017

The young wine festival "Transcarpathian Beaujolais" will take a place on the streets Pochtova - Rakotsy in Uzhgorod. Everyone can find the wine products in the ancient wine cellars well known as "Owl Nest".
The young wine festival "Transcarpathian Beaujolais" in Uzhgorod is also known as "born in Transcarpathia", and it usually coincides with a wine holiday "Beaujolais" in France.
The festival will feature the best examples of the young Transcarpathian wine of the harvest 2017 from the most famous wine producers.

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