Cheese and Wine Festival in Lvov, ​​October

Lvov, the Western capital of Ukraine is pleased to welcome guests in October at Wine and Cheese Holiday.
It is one of the main autumn gastronomic Festivals in Ukraine.
Wine tradition is rather ancient here. Some centuries ago the climate in Lvov was so warm that the vineyards produced annually more than a hundred barrels of wine. Moreover, the city was a big trade center and enjoyed delicious Italian, Cretan, Spanish and Hungarian wine as well.
There are many kinds of cheese nowadays, but we don’t have a lot of opportunities to try all of them and choose favorite one from a wide variety of cheese... Cheese and Wine Festival is a chance to "taste" the difference.
The gourmands will have three days to visit the large fair, where the production of leading manufacturers and importers will be presented together with organic food produced by local companies. The large cultural program and interesting activities are presented too: variety of cooking classes, art workshops, music concerts and other entertainments. There is a good tradition to squeeze grapes in Festival. Festival wine will be made from this squeezed grape juice. You can draw a picture using wine. Everyone will be treated to a giant Lviv cottage cheese pancake, which will be made according to the ancient recipe. There will be the festival post office “With Love from Lviv”; you will have a possibility to send a card to your relatives or friends.
It is a great opportunity to have a rest and fun finding more about Ukrainian culture and tradition of wine and cheese making in Lviv.

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