Pochayiv Lavra

Svyato-Uspenska Pochayivska Lavra is the great Orthodox shrine located in Ternopil region. It is one of 4 Lavras situated in Ukraine. This holly place is well-known everywhere and visited by some millions of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world every year.
The Mother of God left his traces here... In a place where the Mother of God's trace was imprint on a stone started to flow miraculous spring, giving people healing. Today You can see the trace of God’s Mother and drink healing water, while visiting Uspensky Cathedral, constructed over this stone.
The Mother of God is the patroness of the monastry. Only here You can see the famous icon of God’s Mother, the healing power of which is recognized by Orthodox and Catholic Churches and which have healed the thousands of people. You can hear a lot of different stories about the miraculous phenomenons of healing.
Svyato-Uspenska Pochayivska Lavra will surprise You with some another miraculous things:
Imperishable relics, which were 8 years buried in earth, of St. Iov, who was the Father Superior of the monastery for 47 years; Imperishable relics of St. Amphilochius, who healed people by life and after his death. They say that during his canonization there appeared a white cross in the blue sky...

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