18.07.2014   Kherson is a virgin nature region for the tourists

Kherson proposes the new tourist itineraries for visiters. Only here you can see the unique places such as Biruchiy island, some islands of the Sivash lake, very popular Askania Nova reserve and many others.
On the sawmp of the ukrainian fjords is open only one quay - Khazatskiy. The very world-known Sivash therapeutic mud is only here too. Its healing properties are very similar to Dead Sea mud. The Sivash lake has a lot of metters of the healing sulphide mud.
Here you can make amazing safari.
There are 2 biosphere reserves here: Askania Nova and Black Sea biosphere reserve. Here yiy can find different kinds of tours: eco, birding, Dnieper tour, winr tour, riding and so on.
The unique desert in Europe is in Kherson region too. It is Oleshkovskaya desert, the Sahara of Ukraine.
Morover Kherson region is a great climate resort for adults and kids. It is surrounded by 2 seas: Black Sea and Azov Sea. There are a lot of spa resorts, sanatoriums, hotels etc.

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